It’s time for a change.

We're moving the games to your browser. Jump straight into the action with a single click and invite your friends just as easily.

Less hassle. More gaming.

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It’s time for a change.

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We're moving the games to your browser. Jump straight into the action with a single click and invite your friends just as easily.

Less hassle. More gaming.

Native quality made browsingly simple

We’ve created technology that makes it possible to play native quality multiplayer games directly in the browser, removing the need for downloads and installations.

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No installations

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No signup required

Trail is also free to use. In combination, this creates an ultra-accessible way of playing games which lets you jump straight into the action with a single click.

Playing and sharing games is about to become as easy as watching and sharing a YouTube video.

Multiplayer made easy

Send your friends a link and they will join your match just seconds after clicking it.

Trail for publishers

An industry in need of change

PC game distribution has not changed in over a decade and has failed to keep up with the rest of the entertainment industry. Our remedy is the world’s first true on-demand gaming service: Trail.

Lower CPA  Higher ROI Trail’s high accessibility reduces the Cost Per Acquistion and unlocks the full viral potential of games. Resulting in an improved ROI for publishers.

Competitive? Free‑to‑play?
Perfect with Trail.

Many competitive games have adopted F2P in order to lower thresholds and increase accessibility.

By removing the remaining thresholds, Trail finishes what these games started and provides the perfect distribution for them to thrive.

Convert new leads instantly

By providing your game to users on-demand, Trail makes sure it stays competitive in a world where there is an ever increasing amount of easily accessible entertainment.

Grow your game organically

Gamers usually discover new games via friends.

Trail utilizes this behavior by making it possible to invite friends to a party or a match simply by sending them a link.

Since Trail runs in the browser, it’s possible to instantly join and play by just clicking the link.

Even someone who has never heard of the game before is able to join and play within seconds. In fact, they don’t even need to be a Trail user. Our Discord-esque instant account system takes care of that.

Combined with this extreme shareability, your game will finally be able to realize its full viral potential.

Monetize engagement

Trail's high accessibility synergizes particularly well with free‑to‑play revenue models such as virtual goods (aka. DLC).

The zero barrier entry made possible by the combination of F2P revenue models and Trail's distribution means your game can quickly achieve a large userbase which can then be engaged and monetized over time.

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Core features

Other upcoming features include: marketing analytics, text and voice chat, leaderboards, achievements and more.

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