Zero-friction gaming™

Trail enables professionally-made Unity games to be played and shared everywhere on the web.

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Be first.
Reach billions of casual gamers.

There are 2.2 billion active desktop users but less than 5% are on installed game stores.

With Trail, it's finally possible to reach these billions of potential players: in the browser, a single click away.

Your game —
a single click away
Downloads and installations get in the way of fun. Trail removes these hurdles.

Trail bridges the gap between your game and the players, making zero-friction gaming a reality.

Games on Trail start when players open the game URL, as the player progresses the game is downloaded in the background on-demand as the player unlocks content. One click and they are in-game.

Play with a single-click
Share anywhere

Share anywhere.
Instant URLs, rich invites, and first-of-its-kind game embeds.

Enable your players to share your game anywhere and with anyone.

Trail offers Instant URLs, rich invites that can be used to spread your game across the web. And for the first time, professional games can be embedded directly onto a webpage.

Direct access
to your players.
Get control of user acquisition.

Reach your players across the web using multitudes of ad networks and bring them back with retargeting. Have decision-rights over your game’s presence with elaborate SEO customization and retain control and access to your growing community of players.

Direct Access to your players

Trail Game Player

Professional WebGL for Unity games.
Unity Web Player 2.0.

Built for  

No compromises on quality.

Leveraging WebGL 2.0 and WebAssembly, Trail streamlines professional game development for the web. Trail fills existing gaps with tailored optimizations, accelerated compression, and a multitude of patches for Unity games together with a rich infrastructure that allows your game to scale without friction, while providing users an engaging gaming experience.

One-click Unity exports

Get started in minutes.

Trail makes one-click WebGL exports possible with a custom-built Unity editor extension. Use it to easily fix common issues, failing shaders, rescale textures, and more. By default all games are served by the Trail Cloud which leverages CDNs close to your players to ensure fast download times.

Your game is just one click away from being published on the web.

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Built for Unity

Games run on your players’ computers. Not in the cloud.

Zero latency added.

By leveraging WebGL, games don’t need to be video streamed to your players’ computers to be instantly playable. Instead games are progressively downloaded during play using our Filekit API, allowing your players to enjoy a latency-free experience.


Get paid without the hassle

Global payments & VAT

Charge players all over the world using our global payments processing system. We take care of VAT/sales tax, currencies, and more, so you can focus on building your game.

You decide how to monetize

Every game is different and you know best how to monetize yours. That’s why our Payments API supports a multitude of business models.

However, to fulfill the vision of zero-friction™ gaming, we require that players can try at least some part of your game without first having to pay.

  • Freemium
  • F2P
  • P2P
  • Subscription
  • Ads
  • Game Demos

How you can leverage Trail

Mobile games

  • Reach billions of casual players on PC.
  • Get full control of user acquisition.
  • Monetize around the globe with our global payments.

Indie games

  • Turn your game or demo into a link that can be virally shared.
  • Embed your game in blog posts and digital conferences.
  • Gather your community. Funnel players to Discord, a newsletter or wherever you need them to be.
  • Simplify beta testing and use advanced analytics to iterate faster on game design.

Multiplayer games

  • Allow your players to easily onboard their friends with rich invites and URL sharing.
  • Leverage Trail Pigeoneer™ for low-latency UDP networking in the browser.
  • Support cross-platform out-of-the-box.

A Vision for Developers First

Today’s distribution platforms are holding back the true commercial potential of games. At Trail we are building tools to help developers gather their community and reach players where they are.

  • Get control of user acquisition
  • Connect and engage with your players
  • Be rewarded when your players play other games

What developers are saying

“It’s very difficult to get people to go to a website, find our game, download it, start it up and so on. Every hurdle is another point for them to drop off. Trail makes it so much easier - give them a link, they click and they’re in the game. It’s very nice to give players immediate access to Slapshot without any of the barriers. It’s got massive potential.”
Erveon, managing director at Oddshot Games
“Trail's gaming platform has allowed us to make our native game Holodrive more accessible than ever before. We definitely recommend it to anyone working on a similar project!”
Camilla Slotfeldt, CEO BitCake Studio
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